things that make you go hmmm

things that make you go hmmm
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It's been at least four weeks since I turned on my computer, the main reason

This is the first time in more than 20 years that I stopped using my computer for more than a couple of days, let alone four weeks. What happened to...

Temptation is God's way of playing with us

The world works in a mysterious and funny kind of way. I decide that I want to lose some weight and something very funny happened. Read this amd...

Peyi Lock - Even Toothpaste is in short supply on supermarket shelves in Haiti!

The political opposition in Haiti has done such a wonderful job crippling the country's economy these days that even toothpaste is in short supply...

True or False: Many Haitians want government jobs but most only want the gov paycheck

Virtually every Haitian you speak to who spent two minutes campaigning for a Senator or Depute want a job in ONA, OAVCT or other government...

One thing I notice about the Haitian media... But what if???

There's one thing I notice about the Haitian media: They criticize a lot but they almost never congratulate... Let me tell you a story... There was...

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