Helicopter made in Haiti

Helicopter made in Haiti

Three Haiti brothers with no experience build a life size helicopter... The first Helicopter made in Haiti... and they made it fly...

Photos by insidedisaster.com

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True story from Hinche Haiti - Three Haitian brothers with no experience build a life size helicopter... The first Helicopter made in Haiti... and yes, they made it fly... do you believe this... Their chopper can fly... Total cost: $45,000 Haitian Dollars.

Read: First Helicopter Made In Haiti by 3 Haitian Kids - It Can Fly!

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Magneto Almonte says...

I really like to it

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Lincoln says...

Neg Ench pap jwe, yo ap

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Williams Celestin says...

mwen ancourage 2 freres sayo mwen mande pour gouvernemant haitien pour ancadre yo

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Maximo Celesten Dachen says...

monchere mesye sa m ka di nou sonje byen kote nou soti e kote nou rive konia tout nasyon ap felcicite nou paske nou fe li bon yo pral we se pa haiti pou nou ta rete min tou sonje se haitien nou ye so we koman nou ka fe sa ki pi bel e ki pi gro toujou le sa rev nou ap realize pi vit toujou mwen felicite nou ampil a, pi, ipokrit sezi yo panse se sel yo ki te ka fe gro koze sa nan peyi yo evreeeeeee nou haitien nou bon pou tout wi se prosiblite ki pa ginyin m mande gouveman sispann jete kob nan chime nan politik ankadre nou pou haiti ka gin yon atelye kote yo fe elikopterone

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Bernadette S. says...

You coward! unlike you I do appreciate the Black Race. I would never write derogatory comments as you have. You have your nerves to sign my name to it. You know what?

You have to try a little bit harder to imitate my English.

Go back to school, jerk.

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Dpaul says...

I think this 3 haitian Young Guys should truthly appriciated.

they have talent, knowledge, and tone of skills.

Congradulations to Them.
Hope their don't prayer from no one, that might come and tells them story.

Great Job my fellow Haitian Brother.

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Henal Myrthil says...

I whant no if it real helicopter made in hait Iwant moro information please send moro

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Gerald Jacotin says...

Se byen sa mesye bon travay, se yon istwa kap rete grave nan lespri tout Haitien, toujou mande bon Dye pou ban nou plis entelijens pou nou kapab ale pi devan, nan konesans ak enterlijens li ban nou an, map ede nou prye afin ke pou bon Dye ban nou plis entelijens toujou.

Se reyelman bon pou nou Haitien utilize entelijens nou pou nou avanse pi devan, map mande bon Dye pou l ka voye ed

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Yvan Leconte says...

Ca ce youn gran akomplisman.

Kembe tet nou an plas. Koute konsey moun ki

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Ronald Joseph says...

I really love the idea, at least there are people who are thinking positive instead of those who are kidnaping, killing, raping etc...

I support those young gentlemen 100% in continuing their education, It is understandable that Helicopters have been around and the kits are availlable, but it takes a lot of efforts to put that kit together.

Congratulations to

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