Haiti Palais National Revision Stamp

Haiti Palais National Revision Stamp

Here is an article photo displaying the Haiti National Palace, blue skies, and the Approved stamp

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Daniel says...

I think your right...we have met on speeddate...but never been able to talk
I would love to chat to you more..

Daniel_twig [at] yahoo.ca
please contact

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Wilna Sainteloi says...

I, want to said hello to my country, and all peoples help Haiti special for the President Michel Martely .I, m happy after all bad things Was Happened he keep doing good job, well god, s will bless you and your family, and peoples have a good heart to help this country .Where, I, m in New York I, was very abursed by a devil name Morio saint eloi, so when I came to U S a .he was locks me in the bestment so no where to go out its realy hard and I got 3 kids, he never pay child support in u s a, he took all my document, he wrong give me those stafe, its so very hard, but anyways, I, m still on life .I will be better to come home soon .God, s bless all guys good

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