Haiti - Change You Can Believe In

Haiti - Change You Can Believe In

Haiti has changed, Haiti is waiting for you to change.

If you begin to think of Haiti as though it has already changed, then all the changes that are happening will happen much faster. All the people who are bringing change to Haiti will be even more motivated.

Haiti change wi!
L-ap tann ou!

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The year 2015 is gone, 2016 is here and we are back at work to inform you about what is happening in Haiti... Thank you for supporting us throughout the years, please continue to support us in the years to come...

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Don't go to Haiti if you don't like the unpredictable, noise, or rum. Don't go to Haiti if you are uncomfortable with what you don't know, with what you haven't seen, or with what you can't control.

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All my life I've been hearing that "Haitien pa gen tet ansanm" (Haitians don't get along) and it took an earthquake to realize that this is absolutely false.

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I came to the United States when I was 14 years old, that's more than 20 years ago and sometimes I ask myself what is it about Haiti that keeps me so attached... so attached... that it almost feels like, when I am not in Haiti, I am missing something in my life?

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If you are one of those people who have been saying that Haiti will never change, then... you owe Haiti, the Haitian people, the Haitian government, AND yourself a BIG apology.

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Rien n'est plus important de garder votre identite ds le moment le plus difficile ds l'histoire de notre pays. Malgre votre reference dans la...

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