7 Dominicans in Champs-de-Mars Haiti begging for peace

7 Dominicans in Champs-de-Mars Haiti begging for peace

seven Dominicans,Hector Joaquin, Rafael Guillen Beltre, Julio Ernesto, Altagracia Leidy, Julio Melvyn, Bonny Guillen Beltre et Carvasta Felipe, Representing an organization called Paz Dominicana, arrived at la place de la Constitution in Champs-de-Mars, Port-au-Prince Haiti, on foot, Sunday, 9 Mar 2014, after walking 400 kilometers from Independence Park (Parque Independencia, Santo Domingo / Dominican Republic), a peaceful march which began on Tuesday 25 Feb 2014.

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7 Dominicans walk from DR Capital Santo Domingo all the way to Champs-de-Mars, Port-au-Prince Haiti, in a peaceful march against ruling 168-13, the judgment of the Constitutional Court of Dominican Republic denying citizenship to Dominicans of Haitian descent.

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Logan Daniels says...

Let us welcome and embrace their gestures of love and brotherhood and respond with kindness and understanding.

We are 2 nations only by historical

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John Dorly says...

Greetings for all the dominican people.

As youth haitian, i think that we need to do something very serious for our land future.

We are human, we need each other to continue the way.we need peace.

You have to control your nation and teritory but put in mind first thatwe need to act as human.

We Re brothers and

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Dolin says...

I like that initiative and after all we both nation need peace.

We are brothers it's a biblical proof that Haitiens and Dominicans are lost tribes of

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Michel Bonnet says...

These two nations are condamned to live together so anytime a group or any organisation is working for a peaceful solution we should appreciate it. For me this is a good thing.

while there are gangs killing these inocents haitians a lot of them are religious people and also good

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Sherlie says...

mpè anpil pou pwoblèm sa pa dejenere, mpa trankil

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Beahanca says...

Shows that not all Dominicans are racist against a group of people who was there for them in the beginning which allows them to have a country to call home today.

And, the Dominican Republic have been there for the Republic of Haiti as well. But, in every country or race there is always some spoiled rotten ones. I wish the Haitian people March with them, hopefully something good can came out of it. Another thing I notice is the one treating Haitian bad is the darker skin

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James says...

What happen 7

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Ajhanou says...

So from all of those Dominican PEOPLE living in Haiti, why only 7 of them come out .What those 7 PEOPLE going to do to Stop what's going on in Dominicans Republic?

That's all I would Love to know. WooowwwPlz God Help Your

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Victor says...


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Chell0 says...

se vre sa fe dlo sot nan

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