Ideas for Valentines Day

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believe me i found it very awesome.

i give it an A plus tank you for sending me this e-mail

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Topic: Ideas for Valentines Day

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Take it from me, your ideas are just what we, women, long for every so often, not just on Valentine's Day. It will keep the romance fresh in our... read more >
Topic, 14-Feb-05 12:27 pm
I hope all lovers need to understand each other, and respect one another, and love each other unconditionally, not only for the valentines day but... read more >
Topic, 14-Feb-05 2:11 pm
j´aimerais savoir beaucuop sur toi et je suis etudiant de genie systeme en republique dominicaine read more >
Topic, 14-Feb-05 4:54 pm
I can't take credit for this one, someone sent me the article. I will definitely follow her advice. Definitely! Woodring read more >
Topic, 14-Feb-05 5:23 pm
believe me i found it very awesome.i give it an A plus tank you for sending me this e-mail read more >
Topic, 14-Feb-05 5:41 pm
This was nice! I hope the men out there are really reading and taking into consideration your suggestions. You never know your article may have just... read more >
Topic, 15-Feb-05 7:30 pm
I'm haitian, I would like tohave the frienship with a haitian woman, I speak creol, english, french and english. I'a Christian, I have a diploma in... read more >
Topic, 21-Feb-05 3:32 pm


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