This is a serious business, do not try to create trouble...

Patrick Princivil - November 18 2012, 10:17 AM

This is a serious business, do not try to create trouble before his five years are finished.

Other countries don't reveal any negative about there presidents, Queen or prime minister.

Accused or not he has to stay for five years; i know what you are like already after one or two years you try to kick out your president, you have to stop your bad habit.

If a good christian became president you would reject him; look at what you have done to Jesus.

He was a perfect man and you killed him. Now what else do you want, you selected your what you have now you have to support him until the end. What were you doing when Rene Prieval was president for 10years and prime minister for 10years he didn't even feed you. What did he do when the earth quack happened.

He was hiding in the mountain and left you under the concrete to smell.

Now you found a president that feeds you, give you houses wanting to make the country better and you want to kick him out, what kind of brain do you have?

May you bad mentality be changed.

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