Such a caring and thoughtful column you have written Woodring...

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Such a caring and thoughtful column you have written Woodring,
Appears you have a touch of what is called ' survivor guilt' - asking themselves Why me?

why am i not the one standing in line for a loaf of bread and water?

Why do my sisters and brothers have such a hard life and mine so much easier, Why

All you can do is take that empathy Woodring and put it to good use: sponsor a child ; ask your friends to consider doing the same, it is a lowly 25 bucks a month and provides their uniforms, education, medical care, school books and supplies, worm medication.

There are many organizations in Haiti - I have been sponsoring through Baptist Haiti Mission for over 9 years ( )- do your homework and find a group you are comfortable with.

You will feel that negative anxiety and helplessness replaced with positive feelings because you have acted.

Because you really are making a difference.

Barbara Murphy-bridge, May 2 2011, 4:03 PM

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Topic: Haiti - How do you feed 9 Million People Everyday?

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Jenny, 2-May-11 2:57 pm
Such a caring and thoughtful column you have written Woodring, Appears you have a touch of what is called ' survivor guilt' - asking themselves Why... read more >
Barbara Murphy-bridge, 2-May-11 4:03 pm
Stop importing goods that can be produce in Haiti and support the Haitian farmers. That will provide jobs,control food prices and reduce the... read more >
Jean Mirville, 2-May-11 4:34 pm
Woodring, anpil rezon ki fe nou nan gwangou an ayiti 1- nou mepwize agrikilti 2- nou tout kouri nou ale nou lese mass pep la san model 3-tout tet... read more >
Miejo, 2-May-11 4:53 pm
mwen te gen yon kouzin mwen ki te konn voye 20 dol chak mwa pou yon jennnom, mwen di li pou ki sa ou pa achte yon je razwa ak sizo bali li, misie... read more >
Miejo, 2-May-11 5:59 pm
Can we give everone a designated area and have them plant their own garden and grown their own vegs....................carrots really grow fast... read more >
Vintage, 2-May-11 6:42 pm
I think we have to stop pou bay lot nasyon responsab prop securite nou.Apran pep la a fe service volonte pou ede lot mounn san yo pa espere jwen... read more >
Sergo Jean, 2-May-11 8:08 pm
The government should start by giving its citizens other means to cook, and small solar energy stove in every home should be number one priority... read more >
Josy, 2-May-11 10:28 pm
I remember growing up in Haiti in the 50's in the North-Est we used to have 3 industies. one in Becera One in Phaeton the other one in Derac,Life... read more >
Kenold Pierre, 3-May-11 12:36 am
Extremely thoughtful and positive! We are a proud nation and hard-working people.Unfortunately we are a poor nation and have to depend on others for... read more >
Graham Exantus, 3-May-11 8:59 am
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