Pou Fan m Vanyan

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There is really no reason that a woman should be tortured, beaten, or mistreated by the man who claims that he loves her. Women, as the sweethearts and sensitive animals that we are let some men get away with about anything.

Sometimes, we claim that it is in the name of love, but other times we bring the children into it. While I understand that we may not want to bring our husband to a court in the United States or in Haiti, for that matter, it is important that you make your partner know that you will not tolerate this type of behavior under any circumstances.

If you do not have the courage to let go of him, at least scare him. He may look tough but ladies, he does know that he needs us.

I remember the strength and the courage that I saw in Haitian women when I traveled to Haiti following the earthquake.

I had cancer then and I still do now, and this courage and hope they had despite such a disastrous event gave me the hope I need to fight this terrible disease.

I urge all of our "fanm vanyan" in Haiti or elsewhere to keep the faith and the courage, and to not tolerate domestic abuse; it is unhealthy for both you and your children (who may grow up to duplicate the same things)

Chapo bat

Almamia, March 31 2011, 7:21 AM

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