Dats great, she did a gud thng but i honesty dnt c how they...

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dats great, she did a gud thng

but i honesty dnt c how they will use dat money to make haiti better...jus sayin

Ericka, March 6 2011, 12:50 AM

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Topic: Haiti received an unexpected $1 Million from Beyonce!

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Why we are on beyonce so much is shayne payne from Haiti he is doing a lot more than she is. FOR EVERYone SHE ISfrom Houston texas read more >
Robert Louissaint, 5-Mar-11 10:42 pm
dats great, she did a gud thng..............but i honesty dnt c how they will use dat money to make haiti better.....jus sayin read more >
Ericka, 6-Mar-11 12:50 am
This is a very nice gesture that I appreciate very much.We need more help for.Many thanks to Beyonce.I have a feeling that more artists like her... read more >
Myrtho, 6-Mar-11 6:11 am
many thanks to Beyonce.God will give you more and He will bless you. read more >
Oxceva, 6-Mar-11 6:17 am
On behalf of all the poor children in Haiti, I would like to say thank you to Beyonce. But, let's hope that this money is wisely use. Once again... read more >
Mireille, 6-Mar-11 6:36 am
Beyonce, love you bebe. read more >
Bebe, 6-Mar-11 10:21 am
I have learned a lesson by just giving. The story is not yours. There is this christian radio station I love their christian songs. To make the... read more >
Pierre Beauge, 6-Mar-11 12:17 pm
They might as well have flushed the million down the toilet. Shows how alert these "stars" are to the reality of the misery that the Haitian people... read more >
Anthony, 6-Mar-11 3:14 pm
I am happy to hear that more money has gone to Haiti to help our friends/families. But there has been a lot donated for Haiti without any relief... read more >
Magalie Laurent, 6-Mar-11 3:34 pm
Mr. Saint Preux I think you should find a way to send a Thank you note to Beyonce on behalf of all the Haitians. Tell her how we appreciate the... read more >
Fa, 7-Mar-11 8:10 pm
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