I really appreciate your comments and your time, thank you and...

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I really appreciate your comments and your time, thank you and thank you so much. I always believe, Haiti has a lot of good citizens, because today you show it to me.I support your points thank you.

Sergo Jean, February 21 2011, 5:02 AM

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Topic: Haiti U-17 Soccer Team Banned and Humiliated In Jamaica

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how do people get cholera? just looking at somebody or rubbing on them will not get you infected then every body in haiti would die. haiti is not... read more >
J, 20-Feb-11 2:06 pm
Listen, my intervention will be on three (3) points: 1- The players should have been submitted under medical tests in Haiti before they got in the... read more >
Joe, 20-Feb-11 3:15 pm
i think we have to move forward because too many people been disrespect us over nothing if we were respect ourself and care about our people they... read more >
Harry, 21-Feb-11 12:37 am
I really appreciate your comments and your time,thank you and thank you so much.I always believe,Haiti has a lot of good citizens, because today you... read more >
Sergo Jean, 21-Feb-11 5:02 am
mezanmi se pa yon pwezidan selman ki responsab haiti, tout haitien responsab haiti - ou menm sa wap fe pou peyi ou? read more >
Miejo, 21-Feb-11 11:05 am
This catastrophe could have been avoided, if our leaders had shown the sense of responsibility needed to rule a country. A week following the... read more >
Carol Toussaint Honorat, 22-Feb-11 10:36 am
Who ever you r,I m sure you must b one of them house slave who think you better than anybody else please just let ppl real self esteem talk....I m... read more >
Jean Wesly, 22-Feb-11 10:16 pm
I'm really disappointed by the way Jamaican government treated the Haitians, what do they think they are?, those fucking asshole i hhhhhhatttte... read more >
Mamay, 23-Feb-11 2:46 pm
The Haitian Government should cut all diplomatic link and correspondence with Jamaica and close the Jamaican embassy in Haiti that's our demand, we... read more >
Mamay, 23-Feb-11 3:06 pm
I will like to remind everyone, before we start any sort of blablabla, the haitian soccer team U 17 was elininated from the final phase of the... read more >
Claude Baudin, 25-Feb-11 6:56 pm
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