Woodring, It's quite interesting that you would ask this...

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It's quite interesting that you would ask this question since I am just about to call the attention of my internaute friends on many forums that "January is National Lose Weight, Feel Great Month"

That is precicely to address the worries of that very honest restaurant owner.

Woodring we love our own food but we are our worst personal enemy when it comes to the way we take care of ourselves.

January is a time for new resolution and we should make a commitment to look better and live a better quality life. And the first thing we need to do is to change the way we eat and improve our diet by changing our cooking style.

I started doing that 10 years ago that's why I am still alive.

This year we must make a commitment to fight overweight and obesity conducive to high blood sugar, high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertention, and heart prblems and heart attacks.

Besides the fact that we don't look to good with a protruding belly, we die before our time. Woodring we must change that this year 2011.

I am wrting to propose a simple solution by which we can lose weight by detoxifying and cleaning our colon of all the poisons and residues inside of it and have the possibility to earn commission money at the same time. The company that I represent is truly unique in this sense.


We might have a free giveaway tea of one week supply soon. People eager to find out if the tea work such as people with chronic constipation and gastric problems such as digestion problems should send me an email to put them on my list so that I can send the correct information to them.

We understand that some people might want to try the tea first.

We need a minimum of 50 persons really interested in bringing positive change to their lifes as a customer or as a distributor for a free trial You heard that infornmation first.

I have not released it yet on the other forums.


To find out how, I invite you to visite my website


To find out about our productc click on PRODUCT and check VELOCITEA.

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To listen to pre-recorded informations about the company and the products click on CONFERENCE CALLS.

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I invite anybody interested to know more about our offer to send me an email with their phone number if they want me to call. The offer is valid for people living any place in the world.

The informations I just provided here are for informational purpose only. They have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intented to substutute for your health care provider, or to diagnose, cure, treat, prevent any disease.

I thank you Woodring for letting me share this information with our friends.

Happy New Year and best wishes for good health to you Woodring and to all the members of that Blog and Forum, to be shared with your respective families.

Sonny Seraphin
sonny_seraphin at yahoo.com

Sonny Seraphin, January 8 2011, 4:46 AM

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Topic: Haitian Restaurant owner says: If I make the food healtier customers will NOT buy It!

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We can substitute the same items for healthier versions, and we did it in Haiti. We can use olive oil instead of grease, or cheap oil and remove the... read more >
Josy, 7-Jan-11 8:48 pm
ayisyen tankou-m yo se gou dwol nou kap touye-n.mwen konin gen ayisyen ki pran konsians ki manje "healthy". min ampil nan nou rete ak mem system... read more >
Gerdy, 7-Jan-11 8:53 pm
Woodring, It's quite interesting that you would ask this question since I am just about to call the attention of my internaute friends on many... read more >
Sonny Seraphin, 8-Jan-11 4:46 am
map di ou yon bagay, yon le mwen gen yon zanmi surinamyen ki vi n fe 2 jou ave m lakay mwen premye jou a mwen kwit yon diri kole ak pwa kango, mwen... read more >
Mackson, 14-Jan-11 3:16 pm
i believe they would still buy it just depends on how they make it and whos making it. my mom finds ways to put less salt and oil in her haitian... read more >
Jueles, 16-Jan-11 7:16 pm
so your going to shut down another cultural restaurant because they arent following american terms? Alot of different ppl eat in alot of different... read more >
Jueles, 16-Jan-11 7:22 pm
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