Im frm nepal it worries me what is happening in haiti. but its...

Nepal - November 16 2010, 7:16 AM

im frm nepal it worries me what is happening in haiti.

but its not true that you go to prison for prinint these stuff in nepal.

its a lie infact i found out about the nepalese being blamed from nepalese press.

haitiafter any natural disaster epidemics are a big problem.

instead of getting a fixation with the source you should be more worried about containing it. as of the epwdemic how things are if it was not cholera it would have been something else. haiti has suffered 2 big disasters.

and the cause has not been pinpointed as being nepalese army in haiti.

and at this level citizens of haiti should worry more about containing the desease then to attak and tell to leave only people aho are willing to help. and south asia is quite big. the results are too vague to pinpoint nepalese.

i personally prefer that the nepalese be sent back home i dont want to go to a place where they dont want us. we also have a lot of problems in my country.

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