baker's town meeting in miami

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The meeting convinced me that more than ever, that Baker is THE MAN. If we want real change, go with Baker.

If we want demagogue go with somebody else.
This is the first time after leaving Haiti 38 years ago. I see a real possibility that going home is not a dream.

I left Haiti as a child, it would be very nice if I can spend the rest of my life in Haiti.

Baker talked about the registration of the Haitian diaspora under the banner of "Respect"
that also includes Haitians with U.S. Passports.

W O W!!!
Am I dreaming or not.
People, if I am dreaming, DO NOT wake me up!!!
Among other things, Baker also talked about education, business, health, national security and army.
It all sounds sooooo gooood.

Keep it up Baker, we all right behind you.

Justin Mondesir, October 10 2010, 2:44 PM

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Justin Mondesir, 11-Oct-10 12:10 pm


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