Carried Jesus' cross does not mean carry a piece of wood to...

Antoine Suprenor - April 5 2010, 9:40 AM

Carried Jesus' cross does not mean carry a piece of wood to show off, but it does mean for every Haitians to repent from doing evil and say to God be the glory.

It does mean stop practicing magic, start practicing Jesus and let Jesus take care our business for us, It does mean for our leaders to stop stealing, love our country just like American's people love theirs and work hard to make everyone respect it and work to the benefit of its progress.

It does mean all hougans, mambos to give theirs lives to Christ stop killing innocent people for nothing or for what they posess, It does mean for us to stop carrying magic from Haiti to other countries.

It does mean to say no to Satan and yes to the living and the only true God who reigns in heaven who created all people included all the voodoo and Satan worshipers haitians for his own glory.

When we take conscience to do these things, God will heal Haiti and He will bless Haiti abundantly just like He blesses other nations on the earth.

That's my prayers for all my haitian brothers and sisters

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