You are obviously a sick bitch. You either have been a jailed...

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You are obviously a sick bitch.

You either have been a jailed bird or a psycho, I suspect both. DO NOT impersonate me on the Net. Do you understand the severity of your action!! This is the States, you know, with laws and regulations.

It looks like you were molested very early in life. You are overly preoccupied with sex, have a very low self-esteem, illiterate and in rage. You should be put away for good and never let you out. You are a gutter rat. You have threatened me, used my name over the net which is criminal impersonation.

Do you understand all this?

Probably not
If I were in need of money, trust me, I could have found many options and prostitution would not have been one of them. Perhaps, you had no other choices...

one last warning: DO NOT IMPERSONATE ME!!!!
The quake and response thereof should have been a new beginning for Haiti and Haitians instead bastards like you are turning public opinions of us into a fowl platform, pitting one against the other...LEARN from history, jerk, or at least avail yourself to knowledge.

Give learning a try, you may like it. I am giving you lots of credits, I know. You may be incapable of learning.

In this case, keep your mouth shut! Stop showing your ignorance.

Let someone read you this e-mail, in a language you can understand.

I will NOT RESPOND personally to you any more. You are too dirty and stupid.

It is a waste of time. I will let my lawyer answer you since I have your address.


Bernadette (The real one).

Bernadette, February 9 2010, 4:26 PM

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You are obviously a sick bitch. You either have been a jailed bird or a psycho, I suspect both.DO NOT impersonate me on the Net. Do you understand... read more >
Bernadette, 9-Feb-10 4:26 pm


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