We need to worship God alone, and clean up our acts. The...

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We need to worship God alone, and clean up our acts. The majority of our people will go to church, and claim they are Christians.

They also in secret are worshipping other Gods, and practicing black magic.

I love all my brothers, and sisters in Christ.

God is very jealous, and you cannot have any other gods. I believe in my heart if all of us get on our knees, and ask our Father to forgive us he will. We also have "generational curse", and even if you do not practice it your great grandparents probably made a deal in the past. The Bible is very clear, and it will follow you up to the 7th generations.

I have seen 2 young girls who were born in the US, and don't know anything about the dark side become possess during a Charismatic service, and it was not the first or only time. I spent the first 16 years of my life in Haiti, and I have seen or heard a lot. We are not clean, and have hurt others seriously.

We have destroyed marriages, families, children, or anybody in our way. It need to stop, and we brought this nonsense with us abroad.

I have lived in two different States for years, and have seen mess in the street from my countrymen.

If you do not have a Bible please go buy one in the language you are more comfortable, and find a house of worship to attend.

If you had hurt others you need to confess, so go to your Pastor/Priest and spit it out. I am a spiritual person, and not a religious one. I am not judging others, but know what I am talking about.

The saddest part is the innocents will pay for the guilties, and we are all guilty.

Read your Bible daily, and pray. Throw all the negative junks you have in your home, car, or on your person.

Men cannot help you, and only The Almighty can. You can ask God for what you need and don't have to kill others to get it. I want to remind you once you open the door it is going to be extremely difficult to shut it. You are going to need prayers, fasting, and you must reject everything verbally.

I have a responsibility to warn others, so I am doing my share.


Josy, January 21 2010, 9:26 PM

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