The Media Is Begining To Dig In Haiti's Past

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CNN and other news media are begining to dig into Haiti's past to tell the their viewers the real reason for Haiti's two centuries of misery and misfortune.

Why is Haiti so poor?

How did Haiti go from being so rich to being the poorest country?

Prof J. Bryan of the University of Miami told CNN's Kira philips that Haitian politics is not the reason for Haiti's poverty, Haiti's problem is much older than that.

"If you thik about the first 100 years of independence, resources were never put forward to educate the populus to help them develop the skills necessary..."

After Haiti became independent, many of "these" other countries said to Haiti: "We don't want to trade with you anymore BECAUSE of the slave rebelion"

Haiti On Cnn, January 16 2010, 5:46 PM

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