How do you say PINTADE in English?

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Topic: How do you say PINTADE in English?

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some English pepleo say guinea fowl or turkey i think that correct for me i prefer guinea fowl read more >
Jeantine, 27-Dec-09 10:37 am
The new Haitian spelling for this bird is "Pentad". Then, of course, there are more than one way to spell many words in Kreyol. read more >
Paul Cormier, 27-Dec-09 1:44 pm
LOL... I know how to spell it in Kreyol but I wanted wanted to make it easy for the "FRANCOPHONES" Got it? read more >
Woody, 27-Dec-09 8:29 pm
Noo... The turkey is a Kodenn not a Pentad LOL Do they call the Pentad a turkey for real? read more >
Woody, 27-Dec-09 8:31 pm
Pentad, Dindon,Guinea Fowl, Turkey...They all taste delicious are are very healthy to me! Thanks, Woody. Now I know. read more >
Jacques L, 27-Dec-09 9:17 pm
Hi Mr: St Pieux I beleive my English teacher told me they call it guinea han, you know han is the female chicken, so it make sense read more >
Greg, 28-Dec-09 9:30 am
i don't exactly what to say or how to say that. but all I can say for now is: thank you for the information bro! god bless you and ur family. but... read more >
Richelet, 29-Dec-09 1:10 pm
You should share this info on Facebook. Quite interesting, Thank You. read more >
Maggy, 30-Dec-09 12:43 am
thaks for the information i didnt know the name ether read more >
Penpal, 30-Dec-09 6:26 pm
sa vreman bel men poukisa? si gen yon bagay ki vini apre ke w pibliye li.mesi... read more >
Kenny-way, 31-Dec-09 1:58 pm
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