Change For Haiti

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Hello to everyone, I love my country haiti, even they say haiti is a poor country, I don't really care, haiti need 7 disciplines to change, 1) stop saying to everyone haiti can't change, 2) Education for haitian, everyone need to read, go to school whatever their age, 3) respect the law, whatever who you are, president, senator, ministor, everyone under the law, 4) every haitian need to know their constitutions, haitian laws, schools, everyone, that can make them respect one another, 5) Electricity, Routes, Security, 6) when another want to help haiti, whatever the government is there, have to respect the law, don't eat the money they send to help the country, make it work not only for Port-au-Prince, for haiti, because port-au-prince haiti, this a city, 7) haitian government talking to much, stop talking to much, make action, we need a government with vision, plan, haiti need to go on, sometime haitian government don't receive alot of money because, they don't coming with plan, and vision, they plan only for city of haiti not for haiti, they don't can't even answer the questions, what they going to do with that money, we need a government coming with aplan, vision, if they not make the money work to this country, after 5 years, what sentence they will receive...

This is what haiti need to move on...

Mwen kwe nan nouvel ayiti ya, we need a woman president, Thank you, viv ayiti aba vye gouve-nman pale anpil.

Thony S Jean-baptiste, October 4 2009, 4:04 AM

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