I was happy to see your article on my son David. I am his...

Roger Malebranche Md Facs. - February 11 2009, 9:14 PM

I was happy to see your article on my son David.

I am his father Roger.

My Haitian roots go back to the revolution times and I am from Anse a Veau in the Southern part. Despite the fact that our government classifies me as Diaspora, Haitian politicians will never be able to take away my birthright.

I always will be Haitian.

After the fall of Duvalier I wanted to take my family back home but things got worse in the country and today I feel sad and guilty for not having shown my birth land to my 2 children.

I keep thinking things will improve but they are instead worsening by the day. David went to Princeton, Emory and Columbia University.

He is the best son a father could ask for and I am very proud of him. As for me I am a retired general and vascular surgeon, former chief of my surgical department and was successful at my trade.

I came to this country in 1961 on a fellowship at Columbia University in NY city and moved upstate in 1962. I have been Upstate since.

I only wish Haiti had contacted me and given me the opportunity to improve the fate of my countrymen.

From the beginning I said to David that I did not want him to be known as the SON of Dr Malebranche, FACS and I would rather be known as the FATHER of David Malebranche, MD, MPH. It is too bad that Haiti has rejected the brains of its best people, even when they want to go back and help. Our country would rather rely on incompetence, mediocrity and corruption.

But this is my country and I love it nevertheless.

I hope, against hope that the security will improve, the kidnappings will stop and I will be able to breathe once more the air that filled my lungs when I was born...

but I don't have too much hope and THAT IS SAD.


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