The world is changing drastically and the pendulum is swinging...

Simpson St Fort - May 17 2019, 8:46 PM

The world is changing drastically and the pendulum is swinging on the other direction.

Haïtiens need to start using Russians and Chinese money very soon so the same thing that is happening to Venezuela doesn't happen to them. The US was the only country who invaded Haiti after its independence.

If Haïtiens do not wake up and realize that the US was among the last countries to recognize their independence and their sovereignty and most importantly what FDR said to do to them as the first Black Country to use weapons to gain their independence they will never amount to anything.

Nowadays, they don't have to drop bomb on your country to destroy it all they need is to control the (3Ms) Your MONEY.

MONEY: 1 US dollar = 90 gourds.

Who owns the banks?

MLITARY: They used the Haitian military to give Aristide a Coup d'Etat they told Aristide I will bring you back but you have to destroy your military.

Power and money are insolent; Needless to say he came back and destroyed the Haitian Military.

They brought you the UN that brought CHOLERA in Haiti to destroy your population.

MEDIA: The have so many of the Haitian media's on their payrolls that some of them have no regards for our ancestors who sacrificed their lives to give Haiti it's independence are already saying that Haiti need to be occupied by the US to get Haiti out of the situation that Haiti is going through because of many embargoes that were placed on the Haitians by the Bush Regime.

For the record check to find out who are the ancestors of the people who are controlling all the major businesses in Haiti such as Banks, Customs, Electricity Communications, Water, Super Markets etc,.

None of them are blacks or Africains descendants.

The huge elephant is in the middle of the room no one wants to talk about it. Sometimes you have to call the baby ugly. Not everyone who calls you friend is necessarily your friend, Actions speak louder than words.

See the related photo:

Currency: The Haitian gourdes is being abused by the U.S. Dollar

There is no other way to put it... With over 90 Haitian gourdes for one U.S. dollar, this is abuse. But whose fault...

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