Personal safety, a yearning to return!

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It's a fact that our Country, Haiti, depends on the diaspora to maintain a modicum of dignity.

It's also a known fact that, we, living abroad form the economic skeleton our Alma Mater.

What do we do to infuse more capital in Haiti, what's the secret to grow our local tourism, and assuage the fears that Her children feel when dreaming of their Country.

How do we help our brothers and sisters understand that we only come back to work together with them, to see that Haiti duly prosper at long last.

I recently travel to my country;but and 'd like to retire there.


Show us how to make Haiti safe and free of political instability.

let's work together to make Haiti a Gem, a Shinning Pearl Again!

Herntz Phanord, August 22 2018, 9:15 PM

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