Haitians Throw Stones At Dominicans

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We Dominicans do not need Haitian criminals and terrorists in our country; we already have enough problems of our own without Haitians savages adding to it:

Haitians Throw Stones At Dominican Lieutenant And His Children.

Source: Listin Diario

Haitians Throw Stones At Dominican Lieutenant And His Children.

A group of Haitians situated in villages near the Dominican-Haitian border threw stones and fired shots against a Dominican lieutenant, who according to the report, was robbed of his wallet, his cell phone and cash.

The Haitians failed to physically assault the Lieutenant and his children because he fled and was rescued by Dominican soldiers that were patrolling the area.

Haitians, who have self-deported and that have settled on Haitian lands near the Dominican border, have been throwing stones at Dominicans who go to bathe in the river due to the recent heat wave.

According to Lieutenant Leonardo Sena Mendez, the Dominican officer and two of his sons went to a river that divides the Dominican Republic from Haiti, and were attacked with stones and gunfire by Haitians from their territory.

Also, Haitians have thrown stones at members of the Ministry of Environment, according to reports received from the manager of the institution, Ramon Marrero Terrero.

An incident that took place in Pedernales after the Naturalization Plan was implemented placed that city on high alert; in a case involving Haitians nationals, strangers raided an army barracks and stole two rifles.


Ricart, August 12 2015, 9:15 PM

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