In french! Monsieur, j'ai compris votre humour et surtout...

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In french!
Monsieur, j'ai compris votre humour et surtout apprécié votre "note" pour être politiquement religieusement correct".

Quelle élégance prévoyante pour désamorcer d'éventuelles bombes!
Hip hip hip hurrah!

Paul Dja, October 10 2014, 3:57 AM

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Topic: Haiti Caricature - Is Jean Claude Duvalier going to Heaven or Hell?

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I think these people should non worry about Thierry own fate. No one on earth can decide wether someone goes to hell heaven read more >
Patrick Gaspard, 9-Oct-14 9:16 pm
Jah love. He is going to hell. There is no heaven for this dikkktator evil worker of iniquity. I heard that it is really hellish over there. Have a... read more >
Marie Nadine Pierre, 9-Oct-14 11:02 pm
Who we are people can decide who go to Heaven or hell,do good people or bod People really go to heaven or hell when The die? good...... read more >
Eberle Morin, 9-Oct-14 11:05 pm
In french! Monsieur, j'ai compris votre humour et surtout apprecie votre "note" pour etre politiquement religieusement correct". Quelle elegance... read more >
Paul Dja, 10-Oct-14 3:57 am
Bon me zan mi le nou tout chwazi pou Fuvalier al nan lanfe et Aristide menm kote nap votel Please answer my question! read more >
Jp, 10-Oct-14 7:15 am
Eskizem poum pi Kle moin te vle di, le nou tout chwazi pou Duvalier al nan lanfe Aristide menm kote nap voyel read more >
Jp, 10-Oct-14 7:20 am
Ahhhhhhh papa! Ti neg pat kon-n pan mwen! Se pou tout Prezidan yo purifie ak tout fan-mi yo au nom de Jesus. Se pou tout lapolis, Munistah, L'arme... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 11-Oct-14 8:29 am
C'est pas a nous de juger, c'est a Dieu de decider read more >
Katia, 11-Oct-14 3:54 pm
Whoever judges another one will be subject to be judged. read more >
Jacques Turgot Rev, 11-Oct-14 5:52 pm
That's between him and God, we need to worry about ourselves. Baby doc Duvalier is gone now. read more >
William Dupervil, 11-Oct-14 8:05 pm
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