New Year's Day... Soup Joumou Day...

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Soup Joumou Day... will be listed here. If you want to discuss it further, be sure to add your own comments.

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Soup Joumou Day...

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Soup Joumou Day...

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Topic: New Year's Day... Soup Joumou Day...

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une puissance Une puissance survenant sur vous et vous serez mes temoins a Jerusalem en Judee a Samarie et jusqu au extremite de la terre. La... read more >
Topic, 31-Dec-04 9:35 am
Happy New Year to you 2. I Hope this new year bring you success to you and your family. I love the Story and the soup Joumou look good, Can't wait... read more >
Topic, 31-Dec-04 9:45 am
I'm not Haitian, Can you include the recipe for Soup Joumou in your newsletter please!! read more >
Topic, 31-Dec-04 3:23 pm
I think it is great as we Haitian to always keep the tradition alive at home or abroard.A lot of soup joumou on 1er janvier. read more >
Topic, 31-Dec-04 10:35 pm
Dude!!!! keep this up. This was a very good article. I really enjoyed reading your take on this. Somehow, it brought some new substance to my... read more >
Topic, 3-Jan-05 12:23 pm
Can anyone guide me to find a cookbook on Haitian pastries? I'd appreciate your help. read more >
Topic, 3-Jan-05 12:57 pm
bonne annee a tous les haitiens. happy new year for all haitien. felicidades para todos los haitianos bon ane tout ayisyen. ¢@%ØEoZ2a¶Ya kontinye... read more >
Topic, 3-Jan-05 2:32 pm
Happy new year. read more >
Topic, 3-Jan-05 3:47 pm
i think soup joumou is good i love soup joumou so much read more >
Topic, 3-Jan-05 10:51 pm
that's a pretty way to start the new year. I use to do that when i was little. read more >
Topic, 5-Jan-05 6:12 pm
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