No Condition Is Permanent

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Topic: No Condition Is Permanent

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This is a great article. Thankyou for exposing and sharing your positive thoughts with me. I hope enough of us come to visit this site and realize... read more >
Topic, 23-Jun-03 5:51 pm
I'm very interested of your article. I read this book, and I found it as you said. I just want to think you for this article. I take also this... read more >
Topic, 27-Jan-04 11:23 am
haiti-mon-amour-pays-of-freedom-good people haiti is coming!!! read more >
Boniface Zebo Correspt De Press, 22-Mar-09 8:03 am
i am going to use Rene Godefroy's story for a presentation in my speech class because i am still young but i came from Haiti and from a poor family... read more >
Marie Tania, 16-Apr-09 11:01 am
How is this story gonna give Haitians hope for Haiti when you you telling us about a the guy who had to escape Haiti to find success in his life? A... read more >
Billy Jukes, 6-Dec-12 1:39 am


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