So the haitian I'am writting you to explain something

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So the haitian I'am writting you to explain someting;

first of all I ask you excuse because you write me to much and I never give the answer.

When you send the mesage for me I don't know that because I check my e-mail every 15 days.

So I speak english not to much there are something you tell
me I don't know that I wish you when you supose to write me, write me in frensh cause I undestand more french than english.

And even if I'm living in other country I never forget my country (HAITI) and I left my country for the economic situation but, not for the politique.

I left it cause I want to become a VI'P for my family and you to be VI'P with work, without work nothing serious.

I hope you undestand All .Don't forget that I was Haitian pepole, I am haitian and I wil be Haitian until Jesus-christ will be back again.

Novius Lorminé

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