Woodring... sorry for your laptop. This story is particularly...

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sorry for your laptop.

This story is particularly interesting to me, because for the past two weeks, my laptop has been sitting in a corner of my room, waiting for my decision of whether to replace the screen, or to get a new laptop.

It is a relatively new Toshiba laptop that I purchased only 4 months ago. I sat down one afternoon, and grabbed the laptop to put it on a small table in front of me. Somehow, before reaching the table, it slipped out of my hands, and fell onto the wooden floor.

I figured it might have be ok, because the fall was only about 3 feet, and it's on a wooden floor.

But when I opened the laptop, I realized that the screen was cracked seriously.


I thought all electronics were supposed to undergo a crash test before they start selling them! I didn't cry, simply because I have a reliable desktop in my room. I have been waiting so long to order the screen, because I fear that the hard drive might have been damaged also. Although when I connected the laptop to my desktop monitor, it booted up normally, and I was able to go online from the laptop...

I'm still reluctant to order the screen.

In the case of your laptop, I think you have to replace the hard drive also, since you're getting error messages.

By the way...

I can't believe you had to drive all the way to DR, just to pick up that laptop screen.

What about FEDEX and DHL?

Couldn't you use those companies to get the screen shipped to you, instead of driving to the DR?

Unless...you wanted to say hello to the "chicas" over there :)

Paul, January 30 2014, 11:50 AM

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