I can see a big difference between black people and white people and yellow people

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I can't say no search thing about black people, but I can see a big difference between black people and white people and yellow people: Let us start from Haïti, we know after the slavery from Haïti we discovered from Haitian's story book that they have, it talk about 4 races: black people, white people, yellow people and red people.

Now let us talk about yellow people; a yellow person is like Président Martelly and more. I am born July/1961; I have never seeing a miserable yellow person in a broken's house and miserable whatever begging for money in Haïti maybe if this person is crazy.

Forget about the heathquake I realize 99 percent black people are more selfish than white people.

I am honest with you, if a white man or woman beat somebody in the prison, they will beat you to make you feel it and give you chance to change your life, in their brain they will think they may need you in the future.

In the black Haitian's community, when they beat you they will beat you to kill you, look at the see of port au prince! Watch them to see what they will do when they catch fish, they don't have any control, they catch and eat small fish, middle fish and big fish all together they don't care about fish have baby or not they will eat everything, maybe we came from Cain the curse follow us. The funny thing we are not lazy, they love to see the tourist in Haïti, we are not wicked the way other people think, they are so angry when they see we have to have money to buy justice in Haïti, they are so angry to see when we go at the banks of Haïti or other business who support by the government of Haïti, they are so angry to see the rich people and the middle class got better service than the poor because they don't have money to pay under the table to get service, I don't know for you, I prefer white people beat me 50 times but I don't give black Haitian's people chance to beat me one time.

Look at President Obama! You can see he is a black man, but you can see is heart is white why?

When he has a meeting how many black people you see closer to him?

maybe one or two because black people will fail him because of selfishness.

Only if God put a special black man to be President of Haïti great, but put a black man to be President in Haïti for 20 years, put a yellow or a white man Président of Haïti for only 2 years to see a difference! I am very sure it is not racist's problem the black President will bring destruction, but from white and yellow men even thou immoral or not, they will make more progress in 2 years than the poor and miserable black President who lead the country for 20 years.

Let us talk about church for now, do you know selfishness apply to church from about 98 percent members too?

Let me ask you a question, which heaven you are going too if you are like that?

I will tell you something don't say it to anybody: I am a Seventh-Adventist, there is a lot of Seventh Adventist's member I know they will not give you even a glass of juice, I don't even have to tell you anything else about feeding the poor, including money, food and clothes etc. they say they are waiting for God, why they don't say the wait for gods?

In Dominican Republic they farm the lands after the harvest they left a lot of potatoes and other fruits on the ground just to support the poor, they can even go in any farm in Dominican Republic take food to eat, in Haïti no such thing.

in Dominican Republic we don't have to have land to farm there, they just give famers all opportunity to farm including finance, equipment, water etc and buy your food on the farm's place, in Haïti no such thing, fix yourself guys, selfishness will not bring you anywhere.

Patrick Pricivil, January 17 2014, 7:24 AM

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