Young Haitian in the Diaspora wants to go back to Haiti to build a future while still young

A family member of a young Haitian living in the Diaspora told us "Robert is coming home." The reason will surprise you... Read this...

Robert is a young man in his thirty's who told his family in Haiti that he will not wait for his retirement in the United States like many of his friends, he wants to go back to Haiti now so he can build a future for himself while he is still young.

"Well, the United States is a great country," I said, "land of opportunity. He can make it if he tries!"

I asked the family member what kind life Robert is leaving in the States that makes him want to go back home so badly.

She replied:

"Bobby di pou jan l ap travay di, tout lajan l pase nan peyi bill. Li poko konprann kijan li pral ka viv nan peyi chè sa lè li finn granmoun, lè l pa gen kouraj ankò pou l travay. Li di ti granmoun ayisyen li wè yo, bagay yo pa bon nan men yo. Lajan pansyon an paka menm peye kay pou yo rete. Bobby di li prefere pran chans li Haiti. La vi li ka pi pi senp en Haiti men w domi pi byen."


Robert said he is working so hard and all the money he earns is barely enough to pay all his bills. He cannot imagine his retirement in this country, this expensive country, when he can no longer work long hours. He says, he looks at some the retired old Haitians around him, they are not doing so well, their retirement check is not even enough to pay their rent. Robert says he will take his chances in Haiti instead. Life may be simpler in Haiti but you sleep better at night.

What do you think about that?

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Goldstein says...

hi woodring,
I think that the right decision is to
stay in Haiti when you re Haitian.

Haiti is a new country somehow, and I think the country needs young people who
want to help its development and theirs as well. Unless you have a sure opportunity in the usa or elsewhere, i m not sure it s wise to gamble.


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Poisson Lanmer says...

Robert should receive applause from the diaspora community for his initiative and motivation.

I come from an older generation where the people of the country we love used the term "diaspora" as a pejorative.

Secondly, those persons of means in the country never sought to enlarge the economy.

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Life In The Diaspora says...

Robert est un jeune homme d'une trentaine d'années qui a dit à sa famille en Haïti qu'il n'attendrait pas sa retraite aux Etats-Unis comme beaucoup de ses amis, il veut retourner en Haïti maintenant pour qu'il puisse se construire un avenir pendant qu'il est encore jeune.

Robert a dit qu'il travaille si dur et que tout l'argent qu'il gagne est à peine suffisant pour payer toutes ses factures.

Il ne peut pas imaginer sa retraite dans ce pays, ce pays cher, quand il ne peut plus travailler de longues heures.

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Subject: Young Haitian in the Diaspora wants to go back to Haiti to build a future while still young edit

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