:UPDATE:: We Need Your Haitian Recipes

Woodring Saint Preux here...

From The Haitian Internet

I need you to represent the Haitian community in a big way

Post all your recipes on

Are you looking for a Haitian recipe?

Submit your request in our Recipes Message Board

www.FouyeRecipes is set up for the entire caribbean
but being that it's a Haitian Owned web site
I would like to see more Haitian Recipes in it

Do you have any favorites Haitian recipes?

ADD that recipe now!

Attention Website Owners...

If you have recipes on your site?
you are welcome to post a few recipes from your list
and can use it to link back to your site

Think of it as a recipes link exchange
I'm not selfish :)

ADD that recipe now!


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Woody says...

If you want to know how to cook haitian food like your mom you have to stand next to her in the kitchen and ask lots ot questions.

The old Generation did not write thinkgs down

After a while, you'll get the hang of

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Myriam Louis says...

It seems to me that sharing" ones recipe" is the one thing that my mother won't do. She will ask me if I want a certain dish and she will go out of her way to prepare it, but when it comes down to it..

she will not tell anyone what her " secret ingredients" are. I guess that is okey for know, she is going to have to spill the beans sooner or later(no pun intended), but for know it's fun guessing!! So when she shares those receipes, will be the first to

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