Trade Show In Hinche Haiti This Weekend

Foire Exposition, Hinche Haiti -- There will be a trade show in Hinche Haiti, my hometown, this weekend, Saturday Dec 3 and Sunday Dec 4, 2011.

Did you know?

Hinche Haiti is the birthplace of Pedro Santana, the first president of the Dominican Republic... I just found out!

Have you ever been to Hinche Haiti?

Watch This video...

Here are some fact about Hinche you probably did not know...

  • Hinche is home to the amazing Bassin Zim water fall
  • Hinche is the birthplace of Charlemagne Peralte
  • Hinche is the birthplace of Pedro Santana, the first president of the Dominican Republic
  • Hinche is surrounded by beautiful rivers
  • Hinche is earthquake-proof!
  • Hinche is flood-resistant!
  • Hinche is hurricane-proof!
  • Hinche is the safest city in Haiti!


What do you call a resident of Hinche? Answer... keep reading...

Regarding the Foire Exposition / Trade Show in Hinche...

This is great opportunity for Haitians living in other parts of the country to visit Hinche and discover all the opportunities that awaits.

Hinche is is only two hours from Port-au-Prince, and getting there is fast and smooth... RN3 (Route Nationale #3) that leads to Hinche has been completely rehabilitated.

This amazing fair will take place in several locations in the town of Hinche including the town square, place Charlemagne Peralte.

If you live in Haiti, go to Hinche this weekend. There will be lots of activities, expositions by various NGOs, artisans, and local retailers.

Of course, you will find great deals on our abundant agricultural product... Poids congo, Kalalou gonbo...

Pran machinn ou pitit, ou menm ak fanmi-w, al fe yon ti flannen lokal, al beyen nan bel rivye gwayanounk, inguitte, sanmannan, fe pwovisyon...

By the way, a resident of Hinche Haiti is a "Hinchois..."

Si pa malheur... ou ta rele-l "Hinchien" w-ap genyen ANPIL pwoblem... Okeu??? LOL...

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Bernadette says...

It sounds great.

I never been to Hinche.

I wish that I could be there.

Next time, it would be a great idea to plan those events way ahead so that, us, the diaspora have time to plan

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Carol says...

I think it's fabulous a Fair being held in Hinche, i would have gladly gone if i was in Haiti at this time. I was in Hinche years ago when i was 11, comme 'Croisee' avec les Soeurs du Sacre-Coeur, placee pres de la riviere dans 1 chaume, couchee sur des nattes la nuit..beau souvenir! Longue route de PAP lors. C'est magnifique d'avoir la RN3! Bel

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Woody says...

Hinche is a very nice place, you would love it over there.

People are more focused on the port cities so the Plateau Centrale tends to be ignored.

Witn a new asphalted road leading from Por-au-Prince, through Hinche, all the way to Cap Haitien, I hope more people discovers what Hinche is all

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Woody says...

My father probably know who you are, he was in the Haitian army for more than 30 years

Lieutenant Galbaud, that is his name.

Thank you for serving my

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Jwag says...

I never been there, well there is a lot of places I never been to in Haiti.

I would love to visit there one day, so lets set it up and make it happen :-)

I think the trade show will be good for the city and Haiti.

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Rubani says...

Cheers!Let's boost the local tourism by first create infrastructures like secondary roads, decent hotels etc..Any hotel in the

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Calixte Guerrier Pastor says...

Yes I had been in Hinche, Haiti and I served
the community for two years, and at that time
I was an Army man in the year of 1961-63. May God
continue to bless you over there.


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