The Willie Lynch Letter :: Controlled Language

Cross-breeding completed, for further severance from their original beginning, we must completely annihilate the mother tongue of both the nigger and the new mule and institute a new language that involves the new life's work of both.

You know, language is a peculiar institution. It leads to the heart of a people.

The more a foreigner knows about the language of another country the more he is able to move through all levels of that society.

Therefore, if the foreigner is an enemy of the country, to the extent that he knows the body of the language, to that extent is the country vulnerable to attack or invasion of a foreign culture.

For example, you take a slave, if you teach him all about your language, he will know all your secrets, and he is then no more a slave, for you can't fool him any longer and having a fool is one of the basic ingredients of and incidents to the making of the slavery system.

(Courtesy Black Arcade Liberation Library; 1970 ##Recompiled and reedited by Kenneth T. Spann)

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Eamon Brady I assume that you now know all the Willie Lynch material is a sad crude hoax designed to motivate our people to action by revising history... see more
Reply · April 15 at 9:10 AM
Topic Controlling the language is a subject which is being brought back into the American scene. In slavery it may have had its beginning but capitalism... see more
Reply · October 15 at 8:42 PM

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