Taxi Drivers in Haiti

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COVID-19 / Economy : Haitian taxi drivers in New York complain they cannot make money because of coronavirus

Haitian Taxi Cab in Spring Valley New York There are many Haitians in New York who earned their living driving taxicabs. These days, Haitian cab drivers are struggling to make money because of the Coronavirus outbreak ravaging the state. more »

Is there Uber in Haiti?

Uber in Haiti Uber currently operates many countries and mayor cities in the Caribbean but is there Uber in Haiti? Here is what we know... more »

UBER in the Dominican Republic, Haitian Uber Drivers are making money

Uber in Haiti Many young Haitians are making good money as Uber drivers in the Dominican Republic... more »

Uber in Haiti - If only Motocycles were allowed

Uber in Haiti Does Uber operate in Haiti? NOPE! I don't think so. meanwhile, Uber transportation service is operating in two major cities in the neighboring Dominican Republic. more »