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257 NGOs banned from operating in Haiti

PHOTO: Haiti - NGO Class The Haitian government has just revoked the operating license of 257 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in Haiti. more »

World Vision Working in Plateau Central Haiti to increase use of Clean Water and Sanitation Services

World Vision Haiti World Vision is current working to increase the use of clean water and sanitation services in Plateau Central Haiti via their Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program... more »

Haiti to open new office to get Humanitarian Aid cleared out of Customs Faster

Haiti Customs - AGD - Administration General Des Douanes Great news for all philanthropic organizations shipping goods to Haiti -- A special bureau will be established at Haiti's Customs office to facilitate the clearance of shipments sent by legitimate philanthropic organizations which are helping Haiti.... This announcement was made earlier this week by Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe according to the Haitian Caribbean News Network (HCNN) more »

Pamela Anderson: If you go to Haiti, you will fall in love. It is intoxicating...

Pamela Anderson In a recent interview to E! Entertainment News, Hollywood star Pamela Anderson says: "If you go to Haiti, you will fall in love. It is intoxicating..." Pamela also believes that "Haiti might be the heart of the world." more »

Haiti: Teach Someone to Fish? What if there are NO Fish?

Fishing in Haiti - Fishing Boat, Fishing Net "The solution is a lot more complicated than teaching someone to fish," Matt Altman says in his reply to Confessions Of A Haiti NGO Worker, "It does no good teaching someone to fish if there are no fish, or the person does not have a way to get to the fish." more »

Confessions of a Haiti NGO Worker

things that make you go hmmm Everyone once in a while I read something that a foreigner writes about Haiti and I wish I had the power to spread it way out there so that everyone can read it... more »

Are NGOS and Foreign Aid Crippling Haiti?

Haiti NGOs - 4 Ti Baget Nan Goj Ou! Are the United Nations and the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) the ones who are holding Haiti back? more »

VIDEO: Wyclef Jean Responds To Yele Haiti Scandals

Wyclef on Interview on MTV Wyclef Tells MTV 'History Will Protect Me' From the Yele Haiti Scandals... Watch the video... more »