Manufacturing in Haiti

Economy - Jobs : Dominican Entrepreneur wants to create more textile jobs in Haiti

Did you know? The Industrial Development Company (CODEVI) located in the Ouanaminthe free zone in Northern Haiti currently employs more than 11,000 Haitians in the textile sector. That's 20 percent of the workforce in this sector. They want to create even more jobs.

Haiti Business - Clothes Manufacturer Hansae to Build Factory in Haiti, 5000 jobs!

Haiti Business Update -- Korean Clothes manufacturer HANSAE just signed a agreement with SONAPI build a factory in Haiti... HANSAE, one of the world's largest apparel makers with client like Nike, Gap, H&M and Abercrombie & Fitch will soon build plant in Haiti equipped to employ 5,000 people... That's new 5000 jobs in Haiti...

In January, we will be the only shoe manufacturer in Haiti, TOMS Founder says

Haiti - JOBS - Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes says: "in January, we will be the only shoe manufacturer in Haiti, but we hope that we will attract other shoe footwear manufactures (to) create an industry in Haiti, which can make a big impact." while signing copies of his new book, "Start Something That Matters."

Growth of The Haiti Textile Industry Currently Being Discussed

In an effort to revive the Haitian textile industry, a U.S. Congressional delegation met with Group M president, Fernando Capellan, to discuss various projects and plans for development.