Leonard Francois

Leonard Francois is the father of Haitian-Japanese Professional Tennis player Naomi Osaka. Get the latest facts and news updates about Leonard Francois here.


Tennis - Haitian Coach Dad Leonard Francois will not coach Naomi Osaka next year

Japanese Tennis Champion Naomi Osaka and her Haitian Dad Leonard Francois After Naomi Osaka's Haitian father Leonard Francois took over the role as her temporary coach following a series of losses with coach coach Jermaine Jenkins, Naomi won 2 consecutive titles; however, daddy won't coach her next year. more »

Naomi Osaka's Haitian father is coaching her once again

Naomi Osaka, her Haitian Father Leonard Francois and her Australian Open championship Trophy Haitian Japanese Tennis champion Naomi Osaka is being coached once again by her Haitian father Leonard Francois after she parted ways Jermaine Jenkins and things are going great for her since. more »

Tennis: Naomi Osaka's Father Leonard Francois in Haiti

Naomi Osaka's Father Leonard Francois with Haiti Sports Minister Edwing Charles The Haitian father of US Open champion Naomi Osaka, Leonard Francois, is currently in Haiti this Friday, October 05, while Naomi is at China Open 2018. more »

Naomi Osaka is going on Vacation in Haiti in November, her Haitian father said

Naomi Osaka, her Haitian Father Leonard Francois and Haiti Senator Joseph Lambert Haitian-Japanese US Open Tennis champion Naomi Osaka is coming to Haiti on November 6 2018 for a short vacation and to visit some Haitian tourist attractions including the Citadelle, her Haitian father said. more »

VIDEO: Naomi Osaka - The Grand Slam Haitian Celebration the World didn't know about

PHOTO: Naomi Osaka raises her 2018 US Open Grand Slam Title Trophy Watch how Naomi Osaka's Haitian family celebrated at the stadium after Naomi won her first Grand Slam title at the 2018 US Open more »