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Haiti - Big media battle over imprisoned Senator Guy Philippe

Guy Phillipe There is a big media battle over Haitian Senator and former rebel leader Guy Philippe, incarcerated in the United States... The battle is clear between Radio Eclair journalist Louko Desir (emission Matin Debat) and Scoop FM journalist Garry Pierre Paul Charles (emisison Haiti Debat) more »

FLASH : Haiti Rebel Guy Phillipe Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison in the USA

Guy Phillipe Breaking News... Guy Phillipe, Haitian rebel leader and recently elected Senator of Haiti, was sentenced to spend nine years in prison in the United States Wednesday for accepting bribes to protect cocaine smugglers who used Haiti to ship drugs to the United States. more »

Does Haiti Rebel Leader Guy Phillipe Stand a Chance to be Released anytime soon?

Guy Phillipe After reading an article on the Miami Herald about Guy Philippe I am asking myself does the Haitian rebel leader stand a chance to be released from US prison anytime soon... more »