Gas Prices in Haiti

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FLASH - Haiti Gasoline Prices Drops 6 Gourdes Nationwide

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti Breaking News... The Haitian government has decided to DROP the price of Gasoline by 6 gourdes; the price of Diesel has also been dropped by 8 gourdes across the country effective immediately... more »

Haiti - New Gasoline Strike announced for Monday and Tuesday

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti There is another Gasoline strike announced in Haiti for Monday 09 and Tuesday 10 March, 2015, to force the Haitian government to reduce gasoline prices down to 100 gourdes... more »

Do Haitians really know how many Gallons of Gasoline in a Barrel of Crude Oil?

How Many Gallons of Gasoline in a Barrel of Crude Oil? There are 19.36 gallons of Gasoline in a barrel of crude oil but many people in Haiti are misled to believe the number is 42... The people are being misinformed... Everyone on the radio is telling the public "there are 42 gallons in a barrel of crude oil" but they fail to tell the people NOT all of it is Gasoline... more »

Haiti Students Threaten to ruin Kanaval if Gas Prices does not lower to 100 Gourdes

Port-au-Prince is really tense this Thursday 5 Feb 2015, Haitian students are making lots of threats including Burning down Carnival floats and/or stands if gas prices does not lower to 100 gourdes in the country... more »

PetroCaribe - Haiti owes Venezuela $1.6 billion

As of 31 December 2014, Haiti owes Venezuela USD $1.6 billion in Petro Caribe debt money, According to BMPAD, the Bureau of Monetization of Development Assistance Programs... more »

Haiti Gas Prices Drops to 195 Gourdes following Public transport strike

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti Haiti gas prices dropped from 215 gourdes down to 200 gourdes Monday following strike by Haiti public transportation and tap-tap drivers over high gas prices which paralyzed public transport in the country Monday... Gas prices in Haiti are expected to drop to 195 Gourdes by Friday... more »

Haiti Energy : As Oil Prices Fall, Venezuela in Financial Trouble, What Happens to PetroCaribe?

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti Gas prices is falling everywhere but in Haiti, prices remain the same... Venezuela is having a tough time financially... PetroCaribe is "on life support," The Miami herald writes... What is the future for energy in Haiti? more »

Haiti Gas Prices go UP at the Pumps Starting Friday

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti The price of Gasoline, Diesel and Kerosene are going up officially in Haiti starting Friday, 10 October 2014, Haiti's Finance Ministry announced... Starting Friday, all Haitian drivers will notice a 15 gourdes increase to the price of gasoline raising the price to HTG $215.00 gourdes... more »

Alert Haiti - Pri Gazoline pral monte, Pri Produit Premiere Necessite pwal monte

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti Tres Bientot en Haiti, pri gazoline pral monte, sa ki pwal fè pri produit première necessite yo pwal monte tou... Se nouvel saa ki fèk tonbe laa nan yon station radio nan kapital Port-au-Prince... more »