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Haiti sending unused and expiring Covid-19 vaccines back to the United States

The United States donated 500,000 doses off the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine to Haiti back in July most of which have not been used and will expire in November. Haiti is returning them back to the USA so that they can be sent elsewhere in the world where needed most. more »

Covid-19 vaccine: Only about 20,000 people in Haiti are fully vaccinated out of 11.4 million

As of October 2021, only 20,354 people in Haiti are fully vaccinated for Covid-19 out of 11.4 million people, Hades Ministry of Public Health reported. more »

FLASH: Haiti - President Aristide in critical condition

Yon vagabon deside chante Antèman Aristide sou Rezo Sosyo yo Former Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide is in critical condition according to a tweet from journalist Garry Pierre Paul Charles Sunday June 20 2021. more »

20 year old man dies from coronavirus in Haiti

A 20 year old man died from covid-19 in Haiti on Wednesday, April 29 2020. He is the seventh person to died from the coronavirus pandemic in the country. more »

Did The United States deport a Haitian man exposed to COVID-19?

There is a rumor that US immigration officials deported a Haitian man exposed to the coronavirus COVID-19. Read this from the Miami Herald. more »

Should COVID-19 reach the general population in Haiti the spread will be massive, 2 reasons why

PHOTO: Jour Marché - Devan Tribunal de Paix Fond-des-Negres Haiti... So far, we've been very lucky in Haiti because the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has not yet reached the general population. Here are 2 reasons why the spread of corona virus will be massive in Haiti should this virus reach the general population. more »

20 of the people infected with COVID-19 in Haiti traveled overseas and came back with the virus

Out of everyone infected with COVID-19 in Haiti, 20 of them are people who traveled overseas and came back infected with the Corona virus, according to the minister of health. more »

Haitian president create new commission to help manage COVID-19 resources

With the fear of coronavirus in Haiti, the Haitian president created a new Commission to help manage resources coming from the international organizations and the private sector. more »

First COVID-19 related death registered in Haiti Sunday

Haiti, one of the few places on Earth that had not yet registered a fatality from the coronavirus outbreak has its first death registered this Sunday April 5th 2020, a credible news site reported. more »

Authorities shut down a church service in Hinche Haiti Sunday for gathering an assembly amid coronavirus scare

With the potential danger in spreading Coronavirus in Haiti, a church in the city of Hinche decided to gather its assembly in the name of the Lord. Haitian authorities went in and stop the service. more »