Spring Valley NY - Haitian Mayor Noramie Jasmin and Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret Arrested by the FBI

Haitians in Spring Valley New York woke up this morning with a shocking news; The Haitian mayor of Spring Valley, Noramie Jasmin, along with Haitian Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret were arrested by the FBI in connection with a bribery scheme.

Noramie F Jasmin, First Female Haitian-American Mayor in New York

The two politicians were arrested at their homes about 6 a.m. by FBI's Public Corruption Squad.

The allegations against them is that both Jasmine and Desmaret were involved in a scheme to take a private stake in property purchased by the village through a process known as eminent domain. Jasmin is also accused of taking bribes in exchange for backing a sale of land to a developer.

New York Newsday's headline has it worse...

"Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin, deputy mayor arrested by FBI in alleged plot to rig NYC mayor's race," the headline reads

Rig The New York City mayor's race???


Yep... New York Newsday reports that the two were arrested as part of a scheme to aid a Democratic state senator, Sen. Malcolm Smith, in his bid to gain the Republican nomination for mayor of New York City."

Watch this video and you will understand how it is all linked together...

Hmmm.... Wow... Se gro koze...

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Dmet007 says...

What about Bloomberg in the school bus company of NYC, destroying livelyhood of ordinary people to buy chair, and destroy the

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Jean says...

songe kote ou soti pou ka konnin kote ou prale parol pale parol

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Vanina says...

yo konpran se piyay.

Ou met ap vole tout vi ou, se you gren jou pou yo kinbe ou, paske sa wap pran an pa pou ou. Mwen ta swete gen lot moun ki pran leson

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Jean Marie says...

Cake was too good, piece was too

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Paul says...

That's why I always act

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