Show me the Money! The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease? Not Always...

Have you ever used these terms at work: Show me the Money! Or the squeaky wheel gets the grease? Let me tell you a story about that...

In Haiti there are so many Things that make you go Hmmm...

Back in 1999, I used to work for company in Hawthorne, New York and, like every employee in the USA, I felt underpaid. Every time my boss asks me to do something for him that is above my pay grade, "Show me the money," I would tell him.

"You are always asking for more money Woody," my boss replies.

"Hey... The squeaky wheel gets the grease!" I would always reply.

I was much more talented than what I was being paid for, You see? And, because I didn't have a college degree or any kind of technical diploma to certify my talent/knowledge my starting salary was a lot less than that of a college graduate.

So I figured, once I prove my knowledge and skills to my boss, he would pay me more money!

Not quite how it works in Corporate America!

One day, my boss asks me to do something for him and I started with my "squeeky wheel" speech.

"Not Always!" My boss exclaimed.

"What?" I asked.

"Woody," my boss days, "you keep on saying 'the squeaky wheel gets the grease' and I am telling you that it is not always true. You see Woody, sometimes, the squeaky wheel gets replaced!"

He turns around and leave.

That was the last time I used the "squeaky wheel" idiom.

Are you a Squeeky wheel?

Better watch out!

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Cj says...

Thanks Woody you made my

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Wosena says...


Cest la

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Wosena says...

Politician in Haiti are called "Smart Dummies" I hate to say it, but Haiti need Dictatorship.

No its or buys about it. These people are set in their ways. and can not see beyond.


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