FLASH: Reynold Bonnefil, the CEO of Haytian Tractor, is dead

The CEO of Haytian Tractor and Equipment Company Ltd. (Haytrac), Reynold Bonnefil, died Thursday, 28 Jun 2018.

Reynold Bonnefil, CEO of Haytian Tractor (HAYTRAC)

Former Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe posts on Instagram:

"I learned with great sadness the death of Reynold Bonnefil. I express my sympathies to his family and loved ones at this particularly difficult time. May his soul rests in peace."

Besides being a top notch businessman, Reynold Bonnefil was the Honorary Consul of Honduras in Haiti and Dean of the Consular Corps (Doyen du Corps Consulaire en Haïti) since February 2017.

What do you know about Reynold Bonnefil?

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Henri Boucard says...

Our condolences to Claudinette and her family.

Reynold was aone of the few Haitian Renaissance-man of action and a friend.

It was a pleasure to have known him and the great heart he also had for our beloved Haiti.

God bless those he left behind, as they are faced with the brevity of this life and their need for Christ, the only Savior of

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Subject: FLASH: Reynold Bonnefil, the CEO of Haytian Tractor, is dead edit

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