Prosper Avril got April Fooled

Former Haiti President Prosper Avril steps out of the National Penitentiary a free man and, immediately, he is re-arrested by police... Yep...

There is something terribly wrong with "The System" in Haiti

What is the system?

That's just it, There is no "System"

Every system has a chain of command, a set of rules that must be followed.

Read this article and tell me it there is a system in place in Haiti

Prosper Avril Released, then Re-arrested

As Prosper Avril stepped out of the National Penitentiary a free man on Apr. 15, he was immediately re-arrested by heavily armed policemen and charged with involvement in a 1990 peasant massacre.

Gen. Avril is a former military dictator who took power in a 1988 coup but was driven from power in Mar. 1990 by a popular uprising.

He was first arrested on May 26, 2001 at a book- signing for his work entitled "The Black Book on Insecurity in Haiti," in which he accused President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of being responsible for political violence in Haiti over the past decade. Avril was charged with the 1989 beating and torture of democracy activists and for plotting to overthrow Aristide's current government. (Haiti Progres)

What I wanted you to notice is "Re-arrested" as he stepped out of prison.

What the hell kind of crap is that? This is the kind of thing that makes other countries laugh at us.

Someone made the decision to release him, someone made decision to arrest him again. assuming that there is one government in Haiti, there sure are a lot of decision makers!

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I think that General Prosper Avril was a good man, and I hope he will release one

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