President Bush Is Going To Haiti This Tuesday

Former President George W. Bush will be preparing to visit Haiti tomorrow, Tuesday, August 10 2010.

The purpose of the visit is to "view progress made on rebuilding after the January earthquake ... and visit with organizations that are assisting in the rebuilding effort and have been supported by the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund," according to a statement from Bush's office.

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The last time President Bush was in Haiti, he made headlines for wiping his hands on President Bill Clinton after shaking the hands of Haitian people.

Watch the video:

Let's hope the headlines are on the 'UP' side this time around.

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Thomas Stcloud says...

are you blind to not see how the racist came out of bush any way i dont know what he will go tp haiti for again, he better look out becaus in iraq the man threw a shoe at him the haitian need to throw some rock at him to show him what racist is about fuck bush he spent 8 years discriminated the haitian people and still trying to do

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Aidawedo says...

Racking my brain for an "up side" to GWB visiting Haiti.

Oh yeah, operative

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Miggy says...

I don't think Bush has done it intentionally, but the reflexion of his hand somewhat proved that the incident has indeed occurred.

Hey video's don't lie. You just can't argue this one.
Maybe Bush is a CLEAN FREAK.

He may not be able to stand SWEATS AND DIRT for a long people of time. Clinton was just at the right place but wrong location

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Pjk says...

Your false characterization of President Bush is obviously politically motivated.

Shame on you for distorting the incident.

It is ridiculous to even suggest any President of the United States would "wipe his hands" on another.

You know nothing of respect and you must think your audience stupid and blind to believe this distorted

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