Poverty is MORE visible in Haiti - True or False?

There is poverty everywhere in the world but in Haiti poverty is simply more visible. People with money in Haiti look POOR. So if you don't have money it is even worse...

Haiti - Eske Politicien Haitien yo ap panse pou moun sa yo?

This is one of the topics being discussed on Haitian radio today...

In many parts of the world you can be poor and still live in dignity. In Haiti, you can be a professional, you a job, you are making money and yet you live in a terrible condition.

You can have money in Haiti and yet you live miserably simply because the city you live in, the neighborhood you live in looks miserable. Dirt roads, no electricity, no access to basic necessities etc...

The country looks bad overall... An bon Kreyol, Haiti sanble you Parc Cochon...

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Mireille Nelson says...

False and poverty is everywhere you can believe that even in America

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