Potential Diarrhea outbreak In Haiti, 44 Deaths Reported within 72 hours

Breaking News - Radio Metropole has just reported a potential diarrhea outbreak in the Artibonite region of Haiti and in the Plateau Central. 44 has been reported within the last 72 hours.

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The reporter said that the department of publick healh is trying to locate victims with the symptom to rush them to the hospital because this outbreak could result in death within hours.

Actualy the reporter states cases where the victim dies within one hour!

Believe it!

So far there are 44 confirm deaths in the Artibonite region and 4 deaths in Mirebalais Haiti (Plateau Central)

There are no known reason for this outbreak as of yet; we are hoping that it is a remote incident.

  • It is the water?
  • Is it food contamination?

W.we dont know!

We hope that it is contained in the hear future and that is does not become an epidemic in Haiti.

  • What do you know about this?
  • Have you heard anything else?
  • what do you think?

Reply with your comments.

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Daniel Eugene says...

somewhat odds that it is happening at that particular location instead of Port-au-Prince where it would be more difficult to contain and the conditions of such outbreak are

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Charlotte says...

It takes a while for these microbes, proteins etc...

from the dead bodies in the water to kick in after drinking it. I will not be surprise to see more deadly catastrophes in the future.

There many people who are probably sick right now. They just have shown any sign of symptoms yet!
Lord please help my poor Haitian brothers and

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Sara says...

We live just south of St. Marc and produce biosand water filters which we distribute in the Artibonite region.

Some of our employees were in the affected area yesterday servicing filters and educating on preventing waterborne disease.

They said that the sick are being quarantined.

Heard it could be

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Himansu Bhusan Pradhan says...

i am interested to Haiti, i have valid passport and 2yrs overseas experience in supply chain at Dubai international airport, if anybody want to help me, i will very appreciate with them. i am

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Bernadette says...

No, I am sorry I don't know anything about this. It is not very surprising though.

I have heard about people who were drinking dirty water and not getting sick. It was just a matter of time before an outbreak happened.The Haitian government did not do much after the quake, I doubt very much whether they would do anything to help here.
It sounds somewhat alarming.

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Tim says...

I'm now in Saint Marc (bas artibonite) I confirm it's a truth.

The hospital of Saint Nicolas here in Saint Marc is now overcharged.

It is going to be like another January12th.

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Subject: Potential Diarrhea outbreak In Haiti, 44 Deaths Reported within 72 hours edit

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