New Jersey Elects First Haitian-American Councilman

Yves Francois Aubourg has just been elected as the first Haitian-American Councilman of the Borough of Roselle New Jersey, USA.

There was a mass at St Joseph The Carpenter church today, January 1st 2009, in Roselle NJ followed by the inaugural ceremony at the Roselle Borough Hall for first Haitian-American Councilman Yves Francois Aubourg.

Today, January 1st 2009, is coincidentally Haiti's Independence day.

The mass and inaugural ceremony of first Haitian-American Councilman Yves Francois Aubourg was followed by a reception St Joseph The Carpenter school cafeteria.

Congratulations to all the Haitian Americans from Roselle New Jersey who exercised their rights to vote and make this day possible.

Councilman Yves Francois Aubourg, you certainly know that "with great powers comes great responsibility," represent your community, make us proud.

Article by: Woodring Saint Preux

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Nana says...

It's great to hear that one of our own is doing such wonderful things.Myself, being Haitian and sharing the same last name as Mr. Aubourg, I am very proud of him. Please keep up the good work and keep your head up at all time.


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Nicolas says...


It's could be good if we could add pictures with the articles.

Thank you

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Pamela Forbes St Merant says...

Happy New Year to you Mr Saint Preux, and Congradulations to Mr Yves Francois Aubourg
I am very happy to see this happening, it motivates one to continue on working to support

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Donald says...

WOW St preux let me tell yo that I love you, you are the only can do your work clean and pretty like that you inform us in all kid of news they are true same day anything happen we know it by you

you are very excellent

Congratulation for you and congratulation for Yves Francois

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Stanley Leonard says...

I am very proud, flattered and honored to learn that a Haitian - American man has been elected as New Jersey's councilman that shows us that Haitians are very intelligent and have something going for themselves and there's hope that maybe one day my country might get back on track.

After hearing that, I couldn't believe my ears and it motivated me to keep doing my best in school and have a more positive attitude towards life in general and it amde me feel really proud of being Haitian and by being a brother as well it really thought me not to believe anyone that's trying to predict my future by telling me what I can and can't do I believe that I can do anything as long as I put my mind into it and as long as I work hard for it I can get it

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Neg-belair says...

Now all we need after Obama is a Haitian American President of the USA "impossible?" I think not. American minds are finally open it just might happen (a suivre) to be

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Ericka says...

i feel good to hear some like that. because its not everyday you hear some good about us Haitians.

i hope that he keeps his head up, and make ourname look

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