My Appologies To You If You Only Speak English

POLL: English, French, or Haitian Creole - Which Language Do You Speak, Read, And Understand Fluently?

I sometimes get carried away in my writing and I dump a lot of Haitian Creole in it, forgetting that many of you reading my newsletter have no clue what I am saying.

I am begining to feel that most of the subscribers of the Haitian Internet Newsletter are English speakers.

My apologies...

I will do my best to fix that...

You're right, even for the Non-English speakers...

Since my web sites are designed to translate from English, writing in English will make for a better translation.

OK... Fine! No more Cre-Glish... OK?
I will keep it to a minimum!

Sometimes I receive emails asking me to write in French (Je ne peux pas, that's for sure! LOL) - That means I cannot

My English speakers are getting upset because they want to understand everything I am saying.

Silly as I am... I write the way I think...

But I am not writing for me, I understand that now, I am writing for you.

So from now on, I will do my best to write IN ENGLISH... and if you only speak French or Haitian Creole, you're gonna have to deal with Google's translation (Top of the page).

After all, I am here to inform you, with a sense of humor... Hope you don't mind... but I also want to make sure you understand what I am saying.

So now... Let me ask you this question:

Which language Do you speak, read, and understand more fluently?

English? French? or Haitian Creole?

Reply with your comments

It will help me to serve you better.

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Frantz Faneus says...

First of all, what is actually our official language in haiti?

Second, ly if your readers are in the USA, I think your information should be written in English.

Your decision to write in english is a good

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Luna Fleur says...

Bonjour, Good morning, bonju Woodring
I want to thank you for keeping us Haitian informed to our culture.

You are doing a wonderful job please, don't listen to people telling you how to be yourself only you know how to express yourself so be "YOU" darling and God will continue with His

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Viewfromwales says...


My first language is Welsh but i also speak English.

As it is a website about Haiti it should be fine for you to publish in a mix of languages use in Haiti, not just

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Sonia says...

Thank so much for asking.

I read mostly English but, I understand

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Astride says...

thanks for ur

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Lyne says...

Congrats on teaching yourself

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Lyne says...

I totally enjoy reading your commentaries in whatever language, as I understand them all. I'm a native French speaker, born in Montreal, Canada of Haitian parents.

Therefore French and Creole were my foundations.

But now living in the states for over 20 years, English has become my more easily spoken language, sad to say. I can read all three languages, I can write in English and French, with a little help in French.

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Agella Zico says...

There is an old saying " understanding people do not a lot to undesrtand " so I got waht you mean.

I will express myself in English next time.

I speak English, write and read it .Keep up doing the good Job.

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Kinshasa says...

Woodring no apologies necessary.

I speak English, French and Creole.

A little creole every now and then is a good gesture for us who live in an atmosphere where all you hear day after day is English.

sil vou plait kimbe kreyol lang manman nou ak papa

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Louloune says...

keep up the good work sir, the way you write is fine with me even bring a smile to my face cause it make me think of my culture and how i am loosing my creole cause this is ENGLISH/SPANISH ENGLISH/SPANISH ENGLISH/SPANISH TERRITORY!!!! WE NEED SOME CREOLE TOO, DON'T CHANGE

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